Family Activities in Georgetown

Family activities in Georgetown include outdoor activities like kayaking and canoeing on the Potomac River and hiking along the C&O canal. Other popular family activities are shopping and eating, visiting museums like the Old Stone House and national park sites like Theodore Roosevelt Island. Here are some recommendations for family activities in Georgetown which will satisfy everyone.

Georgetown History

Georgetown History

Georgetown history is an integral part of this fascinating neighborhood located in Washington, D.C.. People love the historic townhomes, the cobblestoned streets and brick sidewalks, the waterfront properties along the Potomac River, and the luxury real estate that has been owned by senators and diplomats. Many parents buy homes here for the Georgetown University students while others choose to downsize and move here from around the DMV, drawn by the walkability and great restaurants.

Most Expensive Home in DC for Sale

expensive home in DC

The most expensive home in DC is listed for sale for $29,950,000. It is the former Blaine Mansion located at 2000 Massachusetts Avenue with rear commercial space on P St. and 6 condos. A last-of-its-kind Gilded Age 7,000-square-foot mansion residence complements over 14,000 square feet of versatile income-generating commercial space within a stunning structure brimming with historical significance.

The Preakness in Maryland

The Preakness in maryland

The Preakness in Maryland is an annual horse racing event that takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, as the second leg of the Triple Crown, which includes the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. While most people know that horse breeding and racing is an important part of Kentucky’s history and tradition, not many appreciate how important horse breeding is in Maryland.

Farms in Montgomery County MD

Farms in Montgomery County MD

Farms in Montgomery County MD seem like such an impossibility since the county is so densely populated, but they do exist! There are horse farms, dairy farms, vegetable farms and even more to choose from!

Garrett Park- Restaurants to Enjoy

Garrett Park in Montgomery County MD is not a very big town so it doesn’t have a lot of restaurants but the ones it does have are definitely worth a visit.

Garrett Park- Things To Do

garrett park

Garrett Park is a small, charming town in Montgomery County with a rich history. Although it is a small town, there are still plenty of things to do in Garrett Park and the surrounding areas.

Garrett Park- Schools Nearby

garrett park

Garrett Park is a small town in Maryland and as such, there are limited schools within its boundaries. However, here are some schools that serve students in the area.

Meet Garrett Park

Garrett Park is a town located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The land that now comprises the Park was originally part of a large tract of land known as the “Harrison Tract.” The land was purchased by John W. Garrett, the son of Robert W. Garrett, in 1898. John W. Garrett subsequently established the Garrett Park Company, which was responsible for the development of the town. John W. Garrett named the town after Robert W. Garrett, who was the president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from 1896 to 1904.