Title Insurance Coverage FAQs

Title Insurance Coverage

Title insurance coverage may be very confusing! Yo really want to understand it since it is required whenever you get a mortgage. Your lender wants to make sure that the amount you owe them is protected – but what about your down payment and your interest in the property?

Choosing Your New Paint Colors – Let This DC Relocation Specialist Help!

Choosing Your New Paint Colors

Choosing your new paint colors is one of the fun parts of moving to a new home in Washington DC. Let this DC relocation specialist help! You want to get the painter in right after closing so you can move in asap – but you probably have limited access to your new home now that the home inspection has been completed. Most contracts to purchase only allow you in twice – once for the home inspection and once for the pre-settlement walk-through. Here are some websites which can assist (at least a little) in choosing your new paint colors before you go to closing.

Green Features in Homes

Green Features in Homes

Green features in homes are beginning to be appreciated by buyers but not as much as some would like. Solar panels can be a hard sell on some properties while other factors such as location and proximity to shopping, restaurants and transportation command a higher value.

Improve Your Interest Rate

Improve your interest rate

Improve your interest rate by improving your credit score and making other changes ahead of the loan application. No matter how great the rate is that that lender quotes you, you are going to try to get a better one. When it comes to an individual loan, your financial and credit status can also affect the mortgage interest rate you personally qualify for. In particular:

After the Sitzer Verdict – What Next?

After the Sitzer Verdict

After the Sitzer verdict, many people are wondering how the real estate market is going to change? Will sellers be able to pay a commission? Will home prices drop? Will real estate agents go away?

Bethesda Farmer’s Market

Bethesda Farmers' Market

The Bethesda Farmer’s Market is a popular way to spend a Sunday morning. From fresh flowers to crisp asparagus, tart dill pickles and ripe Brie – no matter what the season, the Bethesda Farmer’s Market has delicious foods to choose from. Whether you are a native of Bethesda or you are planning to relocate to Bethesda, you should definitely visit the Bethesda Farmer’s Market.

Pandas Coming to DC in 2024!

Pandas coming to DC

Pandas coming to DC -again- in 2024 was the big news from the National Zoo on May 28. The Zoo’s previous pandas were returned late last year and the Panda Enclosure has been sadly empty since then.

Celebrating Memorial Day in DC

Celebrating Memorial Day in DC

Celebrating Memorial Day in DC is easy if you check out these fun events! If you are relocating to DC and you wonder how you will spend your time here, these are some great ideas. DC is a great place to live with lots of fun things to do, great places to eat and beautiful neighborhoods in which you will love living.

Hillandale at Georgetown

Hillandale at Georgetown, built in the 1990’s, is a gated community of townhomes and single family homes on the edge of Georgetown, next to the French embassy and across from Georgetown University Hospital. It is bordered by parkland on two sides, making its 42 acres seem even more serene and special.