Garrett Park- Restaurants to Enjoy

Garrett Park in Montgomery County MD is not a very big town so it doesn’t have a lot of restaurants but the ones it does have are definitely worth a visit.

Garrett Park- Things To Do

garrett park

Garrett Park is a small, charming town in Montgomery County with a rich history. Although it is a small town, there are still plenty of things to do in Garrett Park and the surrounding areas.

Garrett Park- Schools Nearby

garrett park

Garrett Park is a small town in Maryland and as such, there are limited schools within its boundaries. However, here are some schools that serve students in the area.

Meet Garrett Park

Garrett Park is a town located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The land that now comprises the Park was originally part of a large tract of land known as the “Harrison Tract.” The land was purchased by John W. Garrett, the son of Robert W. Garrett, in 1898. John W. Garrett subsequently established the Garrett Park Company, which was responsible for the development of the town. John W. Garrett named the town after Robert W. Garrett, who was the president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from 1896 to 1904.

Appraisal or Inspection?

Appraisal or Inspection?

Appraisal or Inspection? Which do you get? One or the other? or both? As a first time homebuyer, you may not understand the difference between the two. The answer to the question is – you get both because they are very different.

Chevy Chase- History and Development

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Chevy Chase in Montgomery County is composed of several settlements in the same area of Montgomery County including villages, the town, and sections, all sharing a common history and together forming a larger community colloquially referred to as Chevy Chase.


employers in Chevy Chase

If you are thinking of a move to Chevy Chase, MD, you might wonder who is hiring and who you would like to work for. Here are the top employers in Chevy Chase MD. Happy job hunting!

Martin’s Addition in Chevy Chase

martin's addition

Chevy Chase is a beautifully green town next to Washington DC that is composed of several villages, additions, and sections. The history of the establishment of these communities is engaging and shows the continual growth of the DC metro area since the start of the 20th century. Martin’s Addition is one of the historic neighborhoods located in Chevy Chase.


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The restaurants of Chevy Chase are sometimes overlooked. However, Chevy Chase has so many to offer, especially good restaurants. Here is a list of top 5 must-go restaurants in the area!

Elementary Schools in Chevy Chase MD

elementary schools in Chevy Chase

Elementary schools in Chevy Chase go from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  Many families moving to Montgomery County choose an elementary school first for their children and then choose their new home in the same school district. The schools for Chevy Chase Maryland are good (and in demand) but each one has its own personality and in this post, I will be sharing information about each of these individual schools.