Hacks to Simplify the Holidays!

Hacks to simplify the holidays! There is always so much chaos during the holidays with decorating and entertaining and house guests coming and going.  These twelve hacks make so much sense that it is hard to believe you didn’t think of them first!  Be sure to let me know if any of these work for … Continued

The History of the National Christmas Tree in Washington DC

the National Christmas Tree

Not surprisingly, the history of the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree is intertwined with the history of America for the last 94 years. Through peace and war, Americans have celebrated the season in this holiday event. Grace Coolidge and the First National Christmas Tree In November, 1923,  First Lady Grace Coolidge permitted the District … Continued

The Winter Light Display 2017 in Bethesda!

Hacks that simplify the holidays

One of the best parts of the holiday season is enjoying a winter light display around Bethesda.  Whether you are looking for light shows of Rudolf and Santa or the nativity, there is winter light display around Bethesda to delight you and your family! Be sure to dress warmly some of these involve walking outside! … Continued

Look Where Kids Eat Free on Halloween

Halloween is almost here!  Kids are looking forward to their annual sugar high – but parents want to make sure that they go out to trick or treat with some real food in their stomachs.  So… how to celebrate the night and score some loot of your own? Here are places where kids eat free … Continued

Sundays Mean Bethesda Bagels

Sundays in Bethesda in my family always include a trip to Bethesda Bagels.  It is a mandatory trip for lots of other Bethesda families too!  The line at Bethesda Bagels is always out the door on a Sunday morning.  The hard part is deciding whether to buy the mini bagels or the full sized ones, … Continued

How to Get a Light Airy Living Space

Planning on selling your home and want to make sure it appeals to today’s buyers? Do you dream of a light, airy living space? Do you want to feel like you’re living inside of a cloud? Below are 5 tips for a lighter living space, now. Paint it white. Well this is an obvious one. From … Continued

Bethesda-Chevy Chase 2017 Halloween Sex Offender Safety Map

Halloween should be lots of fun for children as they prepare to trick or treat. Unfortunately, with all the news about predators and sexual offenders, parents want to know which houses to avoid while going door-to-door in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area.  If this describes you as a parent, then just check the Bethesda-Chevy Chase 2017 … Continued

Halloween Things to do in Bethesda with Kids

Halloween things to do in Bethesda with kids

I have always loved October.  Probably because it is my birthday month but it is also because it is Halloween.  I am really lucky to live in Bethesda because there are wonderful Halloween things to do in Bethesda with kids! Halloween Things to do in Bethesda with Kids – Pumpkin Festivals It seems like it … Continued

Early History of Bethesda Maryland

The Early History of Bethesda MD – The Colonial Period The early history of Bethesda Maryland did not suggest it would become the vibrant, upscale city that it now is.  In colonial times, Bethesda was little more than “a wide spot in the road,” as one long forgotten colonial resident put it.  What is now Wisconsin … Continued

Best Maryland Pizza Restaurant – Inferno

Best Maryland Pizza Restaurant

Inferno is the best Maryland Pizza Restaurant! This suburban Maryland restaurant in a strip mall in Darnestown, is recognized as one of the top 101 Pizza Restaurants in Maryland.  The Daily Meal, a fine dining website, ranked the 101 Best Pizza Restaurants in America for 2017 and named our local favorite to that list. The Daily Meal … Continued