Unusual chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day can range from paired wine and chocolate tastsings to chocolate covered cheese puffs and lots of choices in between! Did you know you can try chocolate covered onions in Philadelphia and chocolate covered crickets or cicadas delivered by Amazon to your front door!

Paired Wine and Chocolate Gifts

If you are looking for an unusual chocolate gift with a little wine on the side, you can buy a gift box that pairs chocolate and wine.  Several companies sell gift boxes pairing wines and chocolates.  (That sounds like a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.)  Check out the gift boxes at Neuhaus,a 160 year old chocolatier with shops around the world, including one on Bethesda Row.  Neuhaus created six multi-layered praline flavors to be savored with wine.  The collection results in a unique tasting experience that will delight wine drinkers and chocolate lovers alike!  The Neuhaus gift boxes include one or two bottles of wine such as a Zinfandel and some delicious chocolates or chocolate biscuits. After you have all that fun with your wine and chocolates, you might want your own wine cellar.  Just give us a call at the Lise Howe Group to find a new home with a wine cellar!  Happy sipping!

Chocolate Covered Foods

Chocolate covered foods like strawberries from Edible Arrangements are certainly a safe choice.  You can also get great options for strawberries, pretzels and oreos from Gold Belly.  What if you want to go beyond chocolate covered strawberries though?

You can get chocolate covered jalapenos from that old stand by, Harry and David.  (Who knew that Harry and David sold more than grapefruit and pears at Christmas?)

Chocolate covered onions are a thing in Philadelphia.   Mueller’s Chocolate has been making them for over 35 years and the “Iconic Chocolate Covered Onion” has been featured in Ripleys Believe It or Not, Bizarre Foods starring Andrew Zimmem, Good Morning America and Wheel of Fortune.  If you are going to Philadelphia, you can have a lunch of a Philly Cheese Steak and then eat the Chocolate covered onion for dessert.  If you don’t care for onions, there are always chocolate covered garlic cloves! 

There are chocolate covered Doritos for sale if you don’t like chocolate covered cheese puffs.   As the website for the chocolate covered Doritos says – why ask!

Truly unusual chocolate gifts!

If you are feeling that you need a bit of protein to go with your chocolate fix, then the solution is no further than Amazon, which can deliver chocolate covered grasshoppers to your front door (or nearby Amazon locker.)    Hop over to Etsy for chocolate covered crickets or habanero flavored crickets!  YUM!

If I haven’t found any suggestions that tempted you, perhaps you might head over to the Chocolate House on 18th Street for a traditional box of chocolates or Bethesda Chocolates on Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda or Neuhaus on Bethesda Row.  Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and chocolate is in the taste buds of the individual.

I still wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and good snacking!  I hope one of these unusual chocolate gifts tempts your fancy!

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