Islands for sale promise the dream escape. Whether your own private island means mai tais, a hammock and toes in the sand, adventures on the high seas with Fletcher Christian or just a quiet dock, a small sail boat and fresh crabs with lots of Old Bay, the dream of a private island captures most of us in its embrace.

Islands for Sale Has Its Own Website!

You have to love the Internet.  No matter what you want, you can find it on the world wide web!  I wanted to know what kind of islands are for sale for someone with my limited budget.  Ten seconds later, I was checking out islands for sale on

Then I had to decide whether my fantasy island would be in Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa or the US.  The US seems more likely, but this is a fantasy after all, so I thought I would explore a bit.


Islands for Sale in Africa

I thought I would start with a real travelogue country – Uganda.  Given that Uganda is an interior country, the only islands it can offer are in Lake Victoria.   Uganda is said to have one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Visitors arrive to see Uganda’s stunning mountains and its famous mountain gorillas but Northern Uganda is still off limits for safety reasons.  It looks like it is hard to actually own an island in Uganda since foreign investors cannot own freehold property in Uganda.  My dream island would have to be held under a long term lease. If the land will be used for agricultural or livestock purposes, you must get government approval. Even the website said that the Ugandan land registry is outdated and operates without transparency, which can be a hindrance to investment.  Maybe my dream location is not Uganda…..

Italian Islands for Sale

After I gave up on a truly exotic island lifestyle, I thought perhaps Europe would be easier to explore in my dreams.  Italy seemed like the perfect place!  Great food, familiar culture, wonderful art – and a beautiful island for sale!  Viscontea Island in Lecco near Lake Como is for sale for slightly less than $1.9 million US.   The origins of this island made me smile.  According to the website, Viscontea Island can easily be linked to the fate of the Azzone Visconti bridge. This bridge became a source of discord between Lecco, Como, and the lakeside lands because it was believed that the bridge could be the cause of the flooding of the lake that constantly submerged the main square of Como. It was therefore decided to proceed with the widening of the river bed and a ninth, a tenth and a eleventh arch were added to the Azzoni Visconti bridge around and after 1440.  The material generated by these works was deposited in the area called “The Lazzaretto” and subsequently to ensure that the waters flowed better a canal was created that separated the Viscontea Island from the mainland and it is in this way that the islet was probably formed. Some researchers argue that Leonardo Da Vinci may have played an active role in these operations around the year 1500.

The island is fairly small, measuring only 2150 square meters or approximately 1/2 an acre. The main building has a size of 238 square meters and needs to be completely renovated. As these are historic buildings, they are protected by landscape restrictions. There are also small ancillary buildings in the garden for a size of about 25 square meters.  This all started to seem too complicated for a summer vacation, so then I thought I should consider someplace closer to home.

Closer to Home – New York

For less than the price of an Upper East Side townhouse, promises that you can own Columbia Island and Pea Island, a pair of private islands close to New York City. Just a 30-minute boat ride from Manhattan, these two islands for sale are just offshore from New Rochelle in Long Island Sound. The smaller of the two, Columbia Island, was named for its mid-20th Century owner, CBS, which built a radio transmitter and emergency bunker there.  A later owner added a 5,625-square-foot home with four bedrooms, two baths, and an open kitchen with stainless-steel countertops.

Built on the same sturdy bedrock that supports Manhattan’s skyscrapers, Columbia Island’s home features a massive great room with incredible water views from every angle, making it ideal for entertaining. The lower level, with its exposed brick walls and high ceilings, is ideally suited for a media room or art studio. Up on the roof, New York City views from your own tranquil private island make this property truly extraordinary—not to mention the perfect site for unforgettable parties. Thoroughly modern, this beautiful home was constructed to be completely self-sufficient. Electricity is solar-supplied, with diesel generator back-ups.  The house is nearly hurricane-proof, with a five-foot thick, 14-foot-tall seawall.

Pea Island, just a few hundred feet away and a short row from Columbia Island, is a nearly five-acre sanctuary, offering raw natural beauty with lush indigenous plants, an open beach, and still more spectacular views. While it has plenty of development potential, you may be perfectly happy to let it serve as your personal private island backyard!  After all, even if you live on an island, you need somewhere to go for a vacation.

Islands for Sale In Maryland

As Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like home.  Close to home at the confluence of the Potomac and Wicomico Rivers is St. Margaret Island being offered for sale for $3,750,000.  The island provides a peaceful escape, but also serves as a springboard for the Eastern shore  St. Margaret Island is approximately 13.16 acres, boasting nearly 3,000 ft +/- of shoreline, with over 2,000 ft +/- in riprap shoreline. There is a nearly 275ft dock that will allow numerous vessels at any one time, including boats over 42 ft.

The current owners have a small flock of peacocks that call the island home in addition to bald eagles, owls, and even deer that have crossed the sound enjoying the lush grounds. Amenities on the island include a main residence with four bedrooms and two baths, a guest cottage, 3-bay storage and work shed, garden shed, and in-ground saltwater pool overlooking the sound.


Let’s Talk About Local Islands for Sale!

As a Realtor licensed in DC, Maryland and Virginia, I can’t help you with an island in Uganda or Italy, but I can definitely help you find your island here in the DC metro area.  If an island is not to your liking, lets talk about other options for a second home.  Perhaps it is at Ocean City or down in Chincoteague.  There are lots of great options for second homes around here – or even a pied a terre in the heart of DC so that you can go to the Kennedy Center and the museums with just a short walk!  Lets talk!

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