8913 Holly Leaf Lane

Holly Leaf Lane

8913 Holly Leaf Lane in Avenel is currently on the market for $10M. The property comes with an indoor basketball court, tennis court with stadium lighting, a pool with pool house, four car garage, six bedrooms and eight and a half baths. It is the home of a former Wizards basketball player, Bradley Beal. He is now playing for the Phoenix Suns.

Oktoberfest Around DC

Oktoberfest in the DC area ranges from a dachshund dash to a music fest with lots of beer and pretzels in between. If this sounds like your idea of a great way to spend a fall afternoon or evening, just keep reading.

Apple Picking Around DC

Apple Picking Near DC

Apple Picking around DC is easier than you think. There are a number of farms and orchards that allow you to pick your own Golden Delicious, Idareds, Wolf Rivers and more. Some even offer wine and live music on the weekends while other sell other vegetables and beef. Clearly you have lots of choices in both Vriginia and Maryland.

Islands for Sale!

Islands for sale

Islands for sale promise the dream escape. Whether your own private island means mai tais, a hammock and toes in the sand, adventures on the high seas with Fletcher Christian or just a quiet dock, a small sail boat and fresh crabs with lots of Old Bay, the dream of a private island captures most of us in its embrace.

Fireworks in DC and Maryland – What’s Legal?

Fireworks in Maryland

Most fireworks in Maryland are illegal but there are a few that are allowed. Since it is hard to disguise the sound of fireworks, it makes sense to get the ones that are legal – and safe, particularly if there are children or pets nearby.

Investment Collectibles

Investment collectibles

Investment collectibles are an excellent way to diversify your financial portfolio and have some fun too! There are stocks, there are bonds … and then there are alternative investments, Within the umbrella of alternative investments, some of the most exotic are collectibles. A collectible can be any physical object that people can and do collect: from fine china to bottles of wine, rare manuscripts to vintage cars — and everything in between. Collectors gather these “tangible assets” because they love them. Investors hang onto them in hopes that they’ll increase in value over time. Of course, as with any investment, there are no guarantees which will appreciate and which will not. With that in mind, sometimes it is good to invest a bit in something that just gives you pleasure.

Schools in Georgetown

Georgetown Schools

Schools in Georgetown range from elementary schools to high schools, public schools and private, Catholic schools and single sex. If you are looking for arts focused schools or foreign language immersion, there is a school for you and your family. Here are some of the choices for children living in Georgetown.

Georgetown Dog Friendly Activities

Georgetown Dog Friendly activities

Georgetown dog friendly activities range from runs along the C&O Canal and the Potomac River to shopping on M Street and sharing a meal at Martin’s Tavern.

Family Activities in Georgetown

Family activities in Georgetown include outdoor activities like kayaking and canoeing on the Potomac River and hiking along the C&O canal. Other popular family activities are shopping and eating, visiting museums like the Old Stone House and national park sites like Theodore Roosevelt Island. Here are some recommendations for family activities in Georgetown which will satisfy everyone.

Georgetown History

Georgetown History

Georgetown history is an integral part of this fascinating neighborhood located in Washington, D.C.. People love the historic townhomes, the cobblestoned streets and brick sidewalks, the waterfront properties along the Potomac River, and the luxury real estate that has been owned by senators and diplomats. Many parents buy homes here for the Georgetown University students while others choose to downsize and move here from around the DMV, drawn by the walkability and great restaurants.