Has spending more time at home lately had you reconsidering your space? The quirks you lived with just a few months ago might not be so easy to dismiss when you’re stuck with them all day, every day. I think many of us are going through a Goldilocks moment. Our homes are too big, too small, too old, not in the right place, etc. etc.! Are you ready for a new home that is just right? A lot of us are going through that evaluation. Here’s how to tell if your relationship with your house can recover or if it’s time to move on.

You Have No Appetite for a Renovation

Your home might be a good candidate for a makeover, but if the thought of living in a dusty construction zone with contractors coming and going is unbearable to you, then it’s time to start over. There’s no shame in foregoing renovations for something move-in ready. After all, there will be plenty of eager DIYers happy to make you an offer. On the other hand, if you just need a few tweaks to turn your wonderful house into your home, let us know! We have lots of great contractors who would love some work right now! Just call us!

You’re Not Crazy about your Neighborhood

You know what they say: location, location, location. We’ll put up with a lot for our home to be in a nice spot, close to work, and in a good school district. But maybe that spot doesn’t work for you anymore. Do schools still matter or are your kids older now? Are you working from home permanently and your commute is no longer a factor? When you’re no longer tied to a specific neighborhood, the possibilities are endless. Since you are working virtually now, you could be looking at the beach or mountain meadows from your office window rather than your current view.

Remember that I am licensed in DC, Maryland, and Virginia – and those offer you big choices!

It’s Just too Small

If quarantine has made your small space feel even more crowded, or you need to make space for a new home office (or two), it might be time to upgrade.

It’s Just too Big

We’ve spent three months rattling around in our family home – just my husband and me.  I walk through the living room sometimes and keep my mail on the dining room table. I never go downstairs to the lower level except to do the laundry and get something out of the freezer for dinner. Clearly we could function just as efficiently and much more economically in a three bedroom home with an open floor plan! I would still have the rooms I need but not the empty spaces that no longer add value to our lives. If this describes you, I empathize. Please know that there are buyers out there who need the five bedroom home that is becoming a burden to you! Maybe it’s time to make a change.

It’s too Old

We all love a heritage home. The architecture! The charm! The 100-year-old… everything. You may have been ready for the sweat equity when you moved in, but when paired with everyday life, ‘this old house’ can feel more like ‘this new nightmare.’

If the emotional and financial toll of living in a home that is just too much of a project is getting to you, consider shopping for a new one. A new construction home might not give you the same character, but you will get a house that’s brand new in every way and a warranty to boot.

Rethinking Things?

The past three months of quarantine are leading to lots of thoughtful conversations about what is important in a home at this particular point in time. If you would like to share your thoughts with me and explore your options for the next phase of your life, please give me a call at 240-401-5577. I am always glad to hear from you and to share what is going on in the market.

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