Mandatory Radon Testing for MOCO Rentals

Mandatory radon testing for MOCO rentals is here. On November 1, 2022, the County Council passed a new bill, 26-22, which mandates radon testing for all rental properties on the ground floor, first or second floors. Unlike the residential resale provision which is limited to single family homes, this statue applies to single family homes and multifamily homes. (It still has an exemption for condos and coops, even if they are townhomes.)

The Rubell Museum DC has Recently Opened – Check it out!

Keith Haring Painting in Miami

The newest addition to the art museums in Washington is the Rubell Museum DC, related to the Rubell Museum in Miami. The new Rubell Museum DC welcomes visitors through a beautiful glass entryway that leads to an open space with wall-to-wall works of art. Sunlight streams through giant windows, creating grid patterns that warm the … Continued

Selling in a Transitional Market

Selling in a transitional market requires special preparation and awareness of reality. The phrase, transitional market, refers to a period of time between a seller’s market and a buyer’s market. There are lots of posts that explain how to sell in a buyer’s or seller’s – but few that focus on what to expect and how to attract qualified buyers to your listing in a transitional market.

Small Museums in Washington DC To See!

Small museums in Washington DC offer an alternative to the crowds that you find in the large museums in Washington like the Air and Space Museum or the Natural History Museum. Small museums like the Phillips or the Kreeger offer a chance to see more of the DC area than just the Mall – and to try some local restaurants rather than just the cafeteria food and food trucks! Make some time to visit some of Washington’s very special small museums. Here are a few to get you started.

Six Places for Hot Chocolate in DC

Lise Howe Group Hot Chocolate Places

Here are six places for hot chocolate in the DC metro area. Lots of places in Washington sell hot chocolate but some stand out for their flavor combinations or quality of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate at these places will make you glad when the weather turns cold.

Where to Ice Skate Outdoors in the DC Area This Winter

The Sculpture Garden Ice Rink 7th Street & Constitution Avenue Perhaps the most picturesque skating rink in Washington returns this year to the National Mall’s Sculpture Garden. This rink has a romantic feel to it, surrounded by art in the Sculpture Garden. Tickets are sold in 45 minute sessions, beginning on the hour. If you … Continued

Seven Questions To Understand ARMS

Understanding ARMS

Here are seven questions to understand ARMS which you should ask your lender. If you’re shopping for a mortgage, you need to decide whether to choose one with a fixed or adjustable interest rate. Last year ajustable rate mortgages only accounted for 4% of mortgages in the US, but now they are as much as 10% of mortgages – a real reflection of the higher interest rates. Clearly, lots of buyers think the ARM Is a good option for home purchases in this market.

5 Tips for Carving A Pumpkin

Celebrate Halloween at the Montgomery County Libraries

Tips for carving a pumpkin might not seem necessary – but you would be surprised how much better your pumpkin can look with these suggestions. Just remember, a jack-o-lantern is a pumpkin that has a design carved into it. Some people use pumpkin carving templates to design their pumpkins, while others decide to free-hand it and draw their own designs. There are so many pumpkin decorating ideas out there, and these pumpkin carving hacks will help you bring them to life.

Which Witch Movie Is Your Fav?

Which witch movie is the best to watch in October? Here are some which might strike your fancy – so get your popcorn and your familiar – (in my house it is a black standard poodle rather than a black cat!) and curl up with a good movie! It must be the season of the witch!