Comus MD – the Perfect Day Trip

Comus MD

Comus MD is the perfect day trip from Washington if you want to spend the afternoon climbing Sugarloaf mountain, drinking some beer at the Comus Inn, sipping wine at the Sugarloaf Mountain winery or buying lavender at the Soleado Lavender Farm at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Home Sales Stats

March 2024 Market Report

Home Sales Stats are a great way to track the changes in the real estate market. In March 2024, we saw the price of homes increase while inventory continued low. The limited inventory has contributed to a decrease in annual home sales. The bright spot however is that new home sales are increasing.

Relocation to Washington DC- Check Out Glen Echo!

Relocation to Washington

Relocation to Washington DC can be confusing and even overwhelming. Where should you live? Big towns or small? Close to the Potomac River or out in the country? Glen Echo is a small community just over the District line close to Bethesda. It has a lot of history, its own post office, a museum, a great restaurant, a sushi carryout and one of the best hardware stores you will ever visit.

Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas’s Home for Sale!

Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas's Home

Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas’s home in DC is for sale! This home defines luxury real estate in Washington DC! If you want a trophy home with five bedrooms and a private pool on one of Georgetown’s prettiest streets you can stop your search right here.

Montgomery County Farmers Markets

Montgomery County Farmers Markets, Bethesda MD

Montgomery County Farmers Markets offer a wonderful way to eat locally grown seasonal produce. You can find a variety of markets throughout the county from Bethesda to Olney and lots in between. Each market has a slightly different character and unique vendors but each has great food and is worth the visit. Check them out!

Gen Z Must Haves

Gen Z Must Haves

Gen Z Must Haves may be more simple than you would expect. This is not the avocado toast generation. Instead, the oldest came of age during the Great Recession in the late 2000s, and many saw their families struggle. And as these younger folks are just getting started professionally, they typically earn less than their millennial and Gen X peers.

Bethesda Homes For Sale April 15 2024

Bethesda homes for sale on April 15 2024 suggest that there is more much needed inventory coming on the market! Maybe there is a dream home coming for you soon!

Compromises Homebuyers May Consider

Compromises buyers may consider

Compromises homebuyers may consider range from different locations to yard size to architecture. Some features that seem like a must have get moved to the wish list. This is a hard market for buyers and sometimes those immediate must haves become things to add in a year or two.

Greatest Appreciation in the DC Area

The greatest appreciation in the DC area took place in five zip codes, two in DC and three in Northern Virginia. In addition, the DC area median price nearly hit the peak established in May 2023. All in all, don’t you wish you had bought your dream home five years ago?

Best Time to Sell a Home

March 2024 Market Report

The best time to sell a home can change from market to market. What works in New York or Boston is different than here in the DC area. It is affected by the weather, when plants bloom and spring vacation – to name a few variables.