Six Low Cost Staging Tips to Sell a Home

ROI on remodeling projects

Congratulations! You just got a job offer for the position you have always wanted. It is close to your family – and your wife’s favorite sister.  The schools are good and the weather is perfect. The only problem is that you have to start in two weeks!  And your house is going on the market … Continued

Kitchen Upgrades for Resale Top Dollar

kitchen upgrades for resale top dollar

There are lots of reasons to renovate your kitchen.  You just bought a fixer upper or a diamond in the rough, and you want to create the kitchen of your dreams.  You have been in your house for ten years and it’s time to replace the appliances and upgrade.  Or…. you are planning to move … Continued

Ten Easy De-cluttering Projects – Each Done in 15 Minutes or Less

Life happens.  Stacks accumulate throughout my house.  I feel overwhelmed by the clutter! It is easier to keep moving the stacks from one table to another.  Tackling the clutter is daunting! Then I found this list of Ten Easy De-Cluttering Projects – Each Done in 15 Minutes or Less! Finding the time (and the motivation) … Continued

Things to Consider When Pricing a Home in Bethesda

Right Home

Pricing your house can be gut-wrenching. How do you know how much your house is worth? You want to get the most profit possible, and you dread the idea of losing money. Certainly, you want to sell your home in Bethesda and keep it simple! Although no one can tell you matter-of-factly what you should … Continued

6 Steps to Selling a Home

Bankruptcies and Foreclosures Remain on Your Credit Score

Selling your house takes a lot more effort than ringing up a random agent and sticking a sign in your yard. Your reason for selling and your timeline may both influence your process. Nonetheless, there are six steps to selling your house that can help prepare you for the sale of your home. The Game … Continued