Looking for a home for sale near Potomac Elementary? Do you want your child to attend the Chinese language immersion program?

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More Information about Potomac Elementary School

Although the Potomac Elementary School was recently renovated, it has a tradition of excellence in education since 1923. The Chinese Immersion Program has received national media attention.  The school is also an  arts integration  school where teachers develop expertise in integrating the arts with other instruction, such as social studies or science, and it is designed to help all students learn with more motivation and ease.  The school has expanded its efforts to be STEAM school. Students explore science residencies, coding, family engineering projects, etc.

Potomac Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through grade five. The school provides an educational program that emphasizes the development of basic learning and thinking skills. The school has several special area teachers, such as a resource coordinator, guidance counselor, physical education instructor and speech therapist. Potomac Elementary School organizes various before- and after-school activities and operates a parent-teacher association. Its media center has a collection of books that include picture books, fiction and nonfiction titles, magazines and periodicals.

Quick Facts

The principal is Dr. Catherine Allie and the school mascot is the Mustang.  The school is located at 10311 River Road, close to the intersection of River and Falls Roads.   For more information about the school, click here to see its page on the Montgomery County Public School website.

Chinese Immersion Program

Is your goal for your child to learn a second language in a formal setting? There are two ways to approach that goal.   You can have your child take daily or weekly classes in a second language or you can enroll your child in an immersion program. The main difference between an immersion setting and a foreign language class is the approach to second language learning.  In an immersion program like the Chinese immersion program at Potomac Elementary, language is a method for teaching the content rather than the subject of instruction. Montgomery County offers several excellent programs for families who want their children to learn a second language through an immersion program rather than just in a language class, and the Chinese immersion program at Potomac Elementary is certainly one of the best.

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