Garrett Park- Schools Nearby

garrett park

Garrett Park is a small town in Maryland and as such, there are limited schools within its boundaries. However, here are some schools that serve students in the area.

Foreign Language Immersion in Montgomery Co

Learning a second language through a foreign language immersion program is a wonderful thing for a child to experience. Whether you want your child to learn Spanish or French or Chinese, the Montgomery County Maryland public school system has a program for you. In addition, Montgomery County is home to the French School and the German School, both private schools focusing on teaching those languages through immersion.

Montgomery Co. Overcrowded Schools Cause Building Freeze

homes for sale in the Burning Tree ES district

Planning Board Puts 1 Year Freeze in Place on New Home Construction The planning board voted on June 20, 2019, to freeze new home construction in about 12% of Montgomery County for one year beginning July 1 because neighborhood schools are too crowded. The areas around four clusters of elementary, middle and high schools and … Continued