Seven Questions To Understand ARMS

Price Drops

Here are seven questions to understand ARMS which you should ask your lender. If you’re shopping for a mortgage, you need to decide whether to choose one with a fixed or adjustable interest rate. Last year ajustable rate mortgages only accounted for 4% of mortgages in the US, but now they are as much as 10% of mortgages – a real reflection of the higher interest rates. Clearly, lots of buyers think the ARM Is a good option for home purchases in this market.

All About the Madison Park Condos

Madison Park Condos at 5000 Battery Lane in Bethesda is perfect if you are looking for the best small condo building in the Woodmont Triangle. The condos have balconies, washer dryers in the unit, wood floors, big windows and great closets. It is just a short walk to two metros and it is pet friendly.

Tiny Houses in Montgomery County MD

Buying or building a tiny house in Montgomery County can be a way to get out from under the burden of a home loan—or at least lead to a smaller mortgage – but you need to know what regulations govern tiny houses here. Tiny houses and attached apartments have been permitted by Montgomery County’s residential zoning code since 2019 despite pushback from residents.

Maryland Market Update December 2020

The Maryland Market Update for December 2020 shows a strong market due to tight inventory and low interest rates. Maryland’s December housing market ended the year with strong sales volume and an increase in average sales prices. increased 11.2%.