We know this Mother’s Day will look a little different than normal, but there is no reason it can’t be a special and memorable one. We at The Lise Howe Group still intend to celebrate, so we put together two lists (one for gifting and one for things to do with your mom) to get you in the spirit.

For those who love gifting and will take any excuse, we present you with a Mother’s Day gift guide that should cover most moms’ interests. Our second list involves things to do with your mom or the mother figure in your life, both in person and virtually! Read on for some inspiration–and if you plan on celebrating on the 10th, we would love to hear from you about what you’re planning!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Weighted Blanket

Many mothers are now home with young kids 24/7–or have their college age kids hanging around again, which is also no walk in the park. If that’s the case for your mom (or wife if your kids are too young to shop for mom), help her get improved sleep with a weighted blanket! Weighted blankets are said to reduce anxiety and stress and promote more restful sleep–perfect for busy moms everywhere. 

Membership to Book of the Month Club 

If your mom is a bookworm, this is always a great gift, but particularly during quarantine when everyone is looking for things to do at home. For $9.99 for your first month (and $14.99 after that), this subscription service will ship you a new book each month (or more if you’re a fast reader) from their curated selection. You can choose your book from 5 rotating titles and you can cancel easily at any time, or skip as many months as you like. Not only is this gift relatively wallet friendly, but mom will never run out of material!

Home Chef Gift Card

Given that grocery shopping has gone from routine to dicey in the past few months, get mom a subscription to Home Chef so she can cut down on all those trips to the store. Home Chef delivers fully-customizable boxes every week with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to make healthy home cooked dinners. Home Chef is fully flexible and allows you to skip deliveries anytime–and since you get to pick your recipes, you can ensure every meal fits your tastes and dietary restrictions. This gift is ideal for the mom who likes to cook, is health conscious, and/or simply wants to skip out on donning her mask for shopping trips! 

Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Decanter

Although mom can’t go out to her favorite restaurant at the moment, you can bring some of that experience to her at home! The Ullo decanter removes sulfites and sediment from wine, resulting in a higher quality taste. It even has an aeration switch, which you can turn on or off depending on the type of wine and your preferences. Considering that wine is a diet staple for many moms during quarantine, this is an ideal and very timely gift!

Click and Grow Smart Garden

For the mom who enjoys gardening and likes the idea of having her own food source, these gardens can grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plants. The Smart Garden is a small indoor garden that takes care of itself–operating like a capsule coffee machine, but instead of coffee pods you insert biodegradable plant pods full of seeds and nutrients. The garden features calibrated and automated lighting, watering, and nutrients, so all you do is insert the pods, add water (the tank lasts for 3 weeks), and plug it in. This is a wonderful gift that–quite literally–keeps on giving. 

Things to do with Mom (whether you’re lucky enough to be with her in person or not!)

Surprise her with a homemade version of her favorite meal and enjoy it together. Who doesn’t want a break from cooking? If you and mom are under the same roof, cooking for her not only allows her to take a night off, but enjoying a meal together is always a great way to connect. 

Set up a picnic in the yard. If mom has outdoor space at her home, this idea works perfectly whether you’re quarantining together or not! If you’re just visiting for the day, picnicking outside allows you to remain at a safe distance without mom having to Clorox her whole house after you leave. 

Set up a date on video chat. For those who can’t physically be with their moms, this is a great alternative. Enjoy a glass of wine together and catch up virtually. 

Have a virtual game night. Nowadays, you can find plenty of options for games to play with your family no matter where everyone is in the world. We suggest using Houseparty, an app that allows everyone to log in from their phones and video chat *while* playing games. The app offers trivia, guessing games, drawing games, and more, and you can see each other throughout the fun. Houseparty is the next best thing to playing together in the living room! 

Have a (very small) Mother’s Day parade. If you’re local but don’t live with your mom and an outdoor gathering isn’t possible, drive by her house or pop up outside her window to wish her a happy Mother’s Day (homemade signs encouraged!) 


Regardless of where you are, the most important thing is to spend some time with your mom/mother figure or kids (either in person or virtually.) And, we hope you can savor that time because not everyone is lucky enough to get it. 

And, if all else fails, there’s always breakfast in bed (even if you have to prepare it for yourself!)

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