One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Bethesda just closed and I am on the hunt for a new favorite Chinese restaurant for Sunday dinners! Here are three possible winners for my favorite Chinese restaurants in Bethesda!

Wang Dynasty on Bethesda Avenue

Wang Dynasty is located at 4929 Bethesda Avenue, just off Arlington Road in Bethesda.  Wang Dynasty Restaurant, a relatively new addition to the collection of Bethesda restaurants, offers authentic and varied Chinese cuisine in Bethesda, MD. Wang Dynasty’s convenient location on Bethesda Avenue make this a natural choice for dine-in or take-out meals (although in the fall of 2021 you must have proof of a vaccination in order to dine in).  This is on my list of favorite Chinese restaurants in Bethesda because it offers a broad selection of dishes and high quality fresh ingredients.

Foong Lin on Norfolk Avenue

Foong Lin is located at 4613 Willow Lane just off Wisconsin Avenue.   You can check out the menu right here.  Foong Lin is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Bethesda because of reat dishes like the spicy tang shrimp dumplings and the Szechuan bean curd.  I love going to this restaurant with its fireplace that glows with warmth in the wintertime and its gleaming white tablecloths and big windows.

Foong Lin is a local family business. The kitchen is know for its quality and daily specials like soft shell crab!  The dining room is warm and inviting – a perfect place to celebrate a big day and find a dish for everyone.

Meiwah Restaurant on Willard Avenue

On the second floor above Chipotle and similar stores is Meiwah, a large beautifully decorated restaurant, serving a great collection of Chinese recipes. Meiwah is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Bethesda because of dishes like tofu curl, assorted bean curd with lettuce wrappers, and tinkling bells chicken, with vegetables and fried wontons or the sliced pork in plum sauce.  If you want a special place for dinner, check out the patio which is beautiful on a summer night!

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