Blackwater Castle in Ireland is for sale. Located in County Cork, you can have this home for just 2M euros! It is surprising how many castles are available to buy throughout Europe from France to the Czech Republic and beyond – but Blackwater Castle, listed by Christies International, is special.

Blackwater Castle in ireland Now

Currently, Blackwater Castle in Ireland is run as a wedding and banqueting venue with many international clients.  The castle is a wonderful place to enjoy a piece of Irish history and to celebrate the tranquility of the peaceful setting.

Blackwater Castle sits regally on the highest point of the grounds, looking out over the spectacular River Awbeg, and its valley, a rich and royal landscape. With the build timeline extending from c. 1190 to c. 1825, this commanding fort is the perfect example of a medieval castle with many of the original Norman features still intact.

If you have a castle, you need a tower. Blackwater Castle has a Norman round tower house which dates from the late 12th Century.  (This tower house is currently “unaccessible” according to the listing from Christie’s.)  The Norman tower house built mid-15th Century is mainly intact with the ground and two main floors, the roof and spiral staircase all in remarkable condition. Throughout this Norman Keep, you will find all the standard features to fend off attackers such as uneven steps (trip steps), a murder hole, batter walls, and a garderobe.  Once you have made it up the stairs past the protective devices to the roof, you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

On entering the main residence, there is the original medieval hall of the castle dating to circa early 1400’s. To the left a section was added on to the main building circa the late 1700’s. A further addition was made to the main building (now the Piano Room) and was added on circa 1825. The castellated parapets and battlements to the rear evoke the medieval features which would have protected the Castle in the past.

The castle has 9 spacious suites, sleeping up to 23 people across the first and second floors. The 6 reception rooms include a Breakfast Room, Dining Room, Tea Room, a Bar Area, a Piano Room and Library (known as Headquarters).A fully equipped commercial kitchen is spacious and offers the potential to continue a catering enterprise at the castle.

To the rear of the castle there is a large stone fronted courtyard, originally forming part of the Norman outer bailey with huge potential and with such uses as residential, commercial, and other business types, subject to the relevant planning permission. These spaces were created for the golden age of horse-drawn transport and are exceptionally atmospheric.

Blackwater Castle in irelandThe Courtyard is adjacent to a spectacular approximately 1.5 acre walled garden which is is both fascinating and beautiful. The stone arch entrance is captivating due to the draping canopy of wisteria cascading over the gates. The fertile Irish soil encourages a plentiful harvest of fruits and vegetables in the garden every year. Bordered by dense shrubbery, the gardens include variations of vegetable and fruit species such as peach, pear, apple, cherries, blackberries, currants, gooseberries, and raspberries, all wonderfully presented. A quaint greenhouse provides a space of quiet reflection and allows for the growing of exotic fruit and vegetables such as melons.

Blackwater Castle in Ireland, built at the tip of this ancient promontory fort, is set on approximately 24ha (60 Acres) of gardens and woodland, with the River Awbeg flowing around the base of the fortress in a horseshoe shape. Mature woodland in a steep valley surrounds the imposing Castle and its courtyard while expanses of neatly mown lawn create some lovely open spaces around the castle itself. 1km (approx.) of the flowing waters of the River Awbeg grant you private double bank fishing rights. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the delights the waters have to offer, mainly Brown Trout.

The History of the Castle

The history of Blackwater Castle dates back 10,000 years, making it one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Ireland.  The site’s history spans thousands of years, originally populated during the early Mesolithic period. There is further evidence that the site had been occupied during the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age too when it was known as the fortress of Dún Crúadha.  Blackwater Castle is also a site of spiritual significance; below the castle near the River Awbeg is the Holy Well of St.Patrick.

The Castle has hosted nobility throughout the centuries, being a centre for hospitality and home to Gaelic Chieftains and Norman Lords. Recent visitors include President Michael D Higgins and Michael Jackson.  Less welcome visitors in the past include Sir Walter Raleigh who captured the castle in 1580 and Oliver Cromwell who laid siege to the castle in 1649.  Below the castle and near the margin of the river, is a holy well, dedicated to St. Patrick, on whose anniversary a patron is held here: the water is remarkably pure, and is much esteemed by the peasantry for its supposed virtues.


Sheela na Gigs (Síle na gcíoch in Irish) are figurative stone sculptures of women in the birthing position that were venerated as powerful emblems in ancient cultures across the world. The sculptures are sacred symbols and architectural grotesques which represent fertility in women and in the natural world.  The Blackwater Castle Sheela has a clear indentation around the vulva where it has been touched down through the centuries. The dust from rubbing the sculpture was supposed to have magical fertility or healing ability, and this belief is still held in the community.  The Sheela Na Gig at Blackwater Castle is located on the ground floor of the tower house and dates from the early Christian period, maybe as early as the 9th century. The first historical record of the Sheela was documented by ordnance surveyors in 1837 when it was positioned by the river’s edge. It was later relocated to the Castle by 1934, where she has remained since.

I can’t sell you a castle in Ireland (not licensed there) – but I will be glad to visit you in Ireland when you buy Blackwater Castle!   will even bring champagne to celebrate!   If you want to see more of the Blackwater castle in Ireland, just click here.

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