Thinking of Moving to Garrett Park? Here is an overview of the area to make your decision easier!

Meet Garrett Park

Garrett Park is a town located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The land that now comprises the Park was originally part of a large tract of land known as the “Harrison Tract.” It was primarily an agricultural community with a few scattered homes and businesses.  In the late 1880s, the B&O Railroad arrived and built a train station in the area, which spurred the growth of the community.  The railroad brought increased commerce and transportation opportunities to the area, and the Park soon became a popular stop along the rail line. To learn more about the area, read my full article here.

Schools Nearby Garrett Park

As the Park is a small town in Maryland, there are limited schools within its boundaries. However, here are some schools that serve students in the area. One of the most popular school in the area is the Garrett Park Elementary School at 4810 Oxford St, this public elementary school is located within the Park and serves students in grades K-5. It is ranked 6 out of 10 by To find out more about the schools in the area, read my full article.

Things To Do

Although it is a small town, there are still plenty of things to do in the area and the surrounding areas. You can visit the Garrett Park Farmers Market. This farmers market takes place on Saturdays from May through November and features fresh produce, baked goods, and handmade crafts. To learn more about things to do in the area, read my article. 


Restaurant Options

One of the options to add to your culinary experience in Garrett Park is the Black Market Bistro. It’s a cozy American bistro located in a beautiful Victorian house by the train tracks. Black Market Bistro serves up classic dishes like steak frites and pan-seared salmon, refreshing salads and filling sandwiches. You can sit inside or outside on the covered porch. To find out more restaurants in the area, you can read my full article!

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