right homeFinding the right home for you – and knowing it is – can be a lot like dating: it pays to be cautious but you also want to remain open to possibilities.  You don’t want to let the good one get away!  Here are five hints to decide if the home you just saw is THE ONE.

You know you can’t sleep on this one. You know that it makes sense to sleep on a big decision, but you can’t do that in a hot market. If you walk out of a property and immediately want to make an offer, do it. Have you looked at a number of properties and this is the one that says “Right Home?” Then, go for it.  Chances are other people are thinking it is the right home too.

This one feels like home. Your future home should feel welcoming as soon as you walk in. Pay attention to how you feel when you walk the halls.  Are you smiling? Trust your instincts!

Can you imagine your future in this home? When you walk through the property, are you imagining Right Homehow you will use that extra bedroom as a home office or that finished basement as a man cave? Imagining yourself in that home is a great sign.

You are arranging the furniture. When you walk into a home and immediately imagine placing your furniture and filling the pantry, the home is speaking to you. Stop throwing up barriers. Listen to the property!  Hear it telling you that this is the right home for you!

It meets most of your needs. Does this property meet your simple basics like location, budget and number of bedrooms?  Then this is your right home!  Call your Realtor and ask for the offer to be written up! Good luck with your new home.  I know that you will be very happy with your new home!

If you don’t have a Realtor who is helping you with your home search, then give the Lise Howe Group a call at 240-401-5577 or email us at lise@lisehowe.com. We would love to share that joy of finding your new home.

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