three steps before movingThere are lots of reasons to start thinking about selling your home such as being closer to the grandchildren or escaping the cold! Whatever the reason, the idea of selling may have some appeal—but you might not be quite ready to start packing or see a “For Sale” sign in your yard. Here are three steps before moving that will make it easier to decide!

Take these three steps before moving so that you can get ready for the big change.

You have company as you think about whether to move or not.  Over 6 percent of Americans between 55 and 64 move every year, according to the Over-50 Council of the National Association of Home Builders.  You may or may not decide that this is the year to move, but you should start to get yourself ready.  There are things you could do – and should do – while you are still in the thinking stage.

Get rid of the guilt.  You don’t have to keep a shrine to your family members.  Many seniors arethree steps before moving reluctant to move because they think they are responsible for the family heirlooms and family traditions. Get rid of that guilt by transferring as many of those heirlooms as possible to the people who will inherit them anyway. Talk to someone else in the family about hosting the holiday meals.  Chances are someone is ready and willing to step into the breach.  Ridding yourself of emotional tie-downs will make it easier to make a more sensible decision about moving. Just remember that these steps before moving are going to make your life simpler.

Get rid of clutter. We all have too much stuff!  The last of the three steps before moving is to clear out the clutter—dust-catching knickknacks, old three steps before movingdraperies and area rugs, any furniture you don’t need. Go through every room and make a list broken down into three categories: keep, toss and donate. It may be difficult at first, but try to fall into a rhythm. At the very least, if you decide to stay, your home will be easier to navigate. If you decide to move, your streamlined rooms will be more attractive to buyers. If you are not sure where to donate and discard, click here! 

Do it again in 30 days. Once you are accustomed to the new look of your home, go through it again. Chances are it will be a lot easier to decide what to keep, toss or donate.

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