Staging a home can be a game changer, but how do you make staging inexpensive?

It can be hard to admit that your taste might not appeal to everyone and that your home become a blank slate that will reflect the buyers’ taste or perhaps you are moving to a new home and want to take all your furniture with you – leaving an empty property behind you!

Staging can be expensive for a month or more. Stagers charge you up front for a month of rental furniture plus the cost of moving the furniture in and out. You could go to Ikea and buy furniture for the empty spaces – but that is expensive too. So how do you make staging inexpensive? Try cardboard!

Companies such as Netherlands-based Cubiqz and Nardi Cardboard Solutions of Italy sell lightweight, foldable creations here in the United States. Their cardboard furniture is designed for quick easy assembly that allows you to decorate an empty room in a matter of an hour or two. Additionally, cardboard furniture is exceptionally portable, making it ideal for small elevators and stairs.

These products use heavyweight cardboard covered with standard slipcovers, and in some cases, photo-realistic coverings. For example, kitchen cabinets will appear to have hinges and drawer pulls.

Most importantly, these companies include “don’t sit” cards for use with their products. Use these placards liberally, or a buyer may end up sitting on the floor.

If you want cardboard furniture that someone can actually sit on, then you should research NextStage Furniture. This Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based company sells fake furniture for staging that can hold up to a thousand pounds. Of course, it will still be cardboard furniture but at least the buyers won’t end up crashing through your “sofa.”

While a seller might consider cardboard furniture to be cheap and not very authentic, it can be helpful to the buyer to understand space and room dimensions. It can also be useful for decorating secondary rooms, like basement rec rooms or to show a how an extra bedroom could be used as a home office.

Regardless of how you choose to fill an empty space for sale, remember that cardboard furniture can be one way to make staging inexpensive!

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