Tips to Welcome Buyers Visitng Your Home

The first impressions are lasting impressions. Smart home sellers make sure they impress potential buyers at the beginning by focusing on those aspects of their homes that buyers and agents will see right away.

Stage Your Front Porch

If your home has a porch or deck, look over the condition. If it’s made of wood, consider if it needs to be painted or stained, and also check for loose or split boards and popped nails. Once your porch is in good condition, clear everything off it and sweep it thoroughly. Look over the furniture on your porch. Replace the cushions on your outdoor furniture to create a perfect welcome for buyers visiting your home. A new doormat is another affordable step that shows visitors you pay attention to details.

Check the Doors

Clean both your screen doors and main doors. Clean, or even replace, the screens, and make sure doors are on their hinges correctly and that they don’t squeak. If your front door has seen better days, a good painting can really spruce it up.

It’s all about details. Let potential buyers know that your home is well cared for by doing things like cleaning your mailbox. Clean the windows in the front of your house and think about power washing as well. Remember that your buyers are standing at the door while their agent is fumbling with the lockbox. What are your potential buyers doing at that moment? They are looking at your home, checking out any chipped paint or cracked or separating cement steps. Do you want them to see expensive repairs that they will need to do or a tidy entry way that makes them feel comfortable about the overall condition of your home?

Welcome Your Buyers Visiting Your Home with a Staged Foyer

Stepping in. Your foyer is your first opportunity to welcome buyers visiting your home and to give them an idea of what your home’s interior is like. In staging your foyer, start by making sure it’s clean. If you have a coat rack, don’t overstuff it with coats and jackets. Lay down an indoor mud carpet on rainy days, and later in the winter when there’s snow on the ground. You might think about adding a basket with shoe covers so people don’t have to take off their shoes.

You don’t want visitors tripping over shoes, it’ll make people think the home lacks storage space. So keep shoes in your hall closet, which, by the way, should also be neat and organized in case people take a look.

Decorate to Welcome Buyers Visiting Your Home

Decorate your foyer. Consider painting your foyer a warm and neutral color, and placing a table for brochures, business cards, mail and keys, Think about the lighting in this area as well, and add flowers or a beautiful work of art.

And now you’re off to a great start that will get people excited about seeing the rest of your home!

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