Sometimes You Win by Losing! This buyer decided not to buy but still appreciated my service.

I worked with Lise Howe for some months as I searched for a property to purchase in the DMV (District, Maryland and Virginia). Lise took exquisite and unsurpassably compassionate care of and for me – a demanding, difficult, exactlng, anxious potential buyer. Lise brought to bear seasoned, keenly professional knowledge about various aspects of properties that concerned me particularly, including the possible presence of hazardous materials built into the structures we inspected and the potential for radon gas in the lots and land where these structures were located. Lise took my concerns seriously and nonjudgmentally, and she made very clear her desire that I feel safe and comfortable living in any property I might decide to purchase. Lise never betrayed the trust I placed in her with highly personal details of my life.

I have interacted with a number of real estate agents in the DMV and elsewhere. Each was courteous and professional, but none surpassed Lise with regard to pertinent knowledge, generosity of time,  capacity to establish rapport, willingness to provide material resources I would never have imagined anyone would make available, and forbearance from exerting on her client any pressure to purchase.

Ultimately I decided I did not wish to own in the DMV. Lise was completely accepting of this, wished me well, and made clear I could reach back out to her if my current plans prove inexecutable.

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