Get the Right Insurance If You Are a Landlord

Having the right insurance if you are a landlord is crucial. You want to be protected against all possible claims and damage from a slip and fall to a massive fire. How do you know what is the right insurance if you are a landlord?

Neighborhood Spotlight: Rockville

For our first Neighborhood Spotlight featuring a community outside of DC city limits, we chose Rockville, Maryland. Rockville is one of the most populous towns in Montgomery County, and although it’s a fairly easy half hour drive into Washington, Rockville offers plenty of things to do, drink, and eat in its own right! We’ve compiled some recommendations below for locals and visitors alike–as our list will prove to you, there’s really no need to fight Beltway traffic to have a good time!

Rents Are Rising!

insurance coverage for rentals

Rents are rising in the US for apartments across the country. According to a new report from RentCafé,  apartment rents have risen over the last year, including last month when there was an unusually large jump. RentCafe reported that the average U.S. apartment rent in June was $1,465, up 3.2 percent year-over-year. Rents are Rising in … Continued

Insurance Coverage for Rentals – Pay Attention!

insurance coverage for rentals

Renting out your home can be a great idea to make some extra money when you’re out of town and your home is sitting empty. Great idea – but don’t forget to consider the insurance coverage for rentals! All kinds of potential problems, however, may come to mind when considering renting your home — either … Continued

DC Rental Market Improvement – 1st Quarter 2018

According to DC Biznow, there is DC Rental Market improvement in the 1st Quarter of 2018.  D.C.’s apartment market has absorbed more Class-A units over the last 12 months than at any time in its history, leading rents to rise again after three consecutive quarters of decline. The decline has been due to a signficant increase … Continued