Pandas Coming to DC in 2024!

Pandas coming to DC

Pandas coming to DC -again- in 2024 was the big news from the National Zoo on May 28. The Zoo’s previous pandas were returned late last year and the Panda Enclosure has been sadly empty since then.

Comus MD – the Perfect Day Trip

Comus MD

Comus MD is the perfect day trip from Washington if you want to spend the afternoon climbing Sugarloaf mountain, drinking some beer at the Comus Inn, sipping wine at the Sugarloaf Mountain winery or buying lavender at the Soleado Lavender Farm at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain.

The White House Egg Roll 2024

the White House Egg Roll

The White House Egg Roll takes place every year on Easter Monday. This year there are over 40,000 people expected to come to the event on the South Lawn of the White House. The White House Egg Roll dates back to the 1870’s and has been going on since then except for a few interruptions for bigger events like both World Wars!

Christmas Lights Displays in the DC Area

Christmas light Displays in the DC area

Christmas light displays in the DC area are beginning to shine. There are enough displays that you can visit one a night from now until the end of the year! Whether you live in Georgetown or Arlington or Olney, there is a Christmas display near you. The D.C. Christmas light displays are extravagant—some even include over 500,000 LED lights and a few roaring tigers!

Small Museums in Montgomery County MD

Small museums in Montgomery County range from the historical to the interactive to the just plain fun. You can choose from a historic home, a trolley museum, or even a museum dedicated to cows! There are lots of small museums to choose from.

Apple Picking Around DC

Apple Picking Near DC

Apple Picking around DC is easier than you think. There are a number of farms and orchards that allow you to pick your own Golden Delicious, Idareds, Wolf Rivers and more. Some even offer wine and live music on the weekends while other sell other vegetables and beef. Clearly you have lots of choices in both Vriginia and Maryland.

Family Activities in Georgetown

Family activities in Georgetown include outdoor activities like kayaking and canoeing on the Potomac River and hiking along the C&O canal. Other popular family activities are shopping and eating, visiting museums like the Old Stone House and national park sites like Theodore Roosevelt Island. Here are some recommendations for family activities in Georgetown which will satisfy everyone.

Garrett Park- Things To Do

garrett park

Garrett Park is a small, charming town in Montgomery County with a rich history. Although it is a small town, there are still plenty of things to do in Garrett Park and the surrounding areas.

Family Activities In Chevy Chase – Top Ten

Family activities in Chevy Chase Great Falls

Family activities in Chevy Chase range from horseback riding to concerts, shopping to learning about butterflies, and ice skating to rides on a miniature open air train. Here are ten suggestions to get you started exploring Chevy Chase.

Small Museums in Washington DC To See!

Small museums in Washington DC offer an alternative to the crowds that you find in the large museums in Washington like the Air and Space Museum or the Natural History Museum. Small museums like the Phillips or the Kreeger offer a chance to see more of the DC area than just the Mall – and to try some local restaurants rather than just the cafeteria food and food trucks! Make some time to visit some of Washington’s very special small museums. Here are a few to get you started.