Mandatory Radon Testing for MOCO Rentals

Mandatory radon testing for MOCO rentals is here. On November 1, 2022, the County Council passed a new bill, 26-22, which mandates radon testing for all rental properties on the ground floor, first or second floors. Unlike the residential resale provision which is limited to single family homes, this statue applies to single family homes and multifamily homes. (It still has an exemption for condos and coops, even if they are townhomes.)

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for You

Solar panels inflation reduction act

Now that the Inflation Reduction Act has become law, you need to know what are the incentives for ordinary Americans to go green and how you can save on your tax bill over the next 12 years!

Ways to Deal With Rising Interest Rates

Looking for ways to deal with rising interest rates? You can raise your credit score, buy down your rate or choose an adjustable rate mortgage. Here are seven ways to deal with rising interest rates.

Financing a Co-op – Simple Explanation

Financing a co-op introduces you to new concepts like cooperative, stock shares, board approval and underlying mortgage. If these sound like Greek, don’t despair. While buying a co-op is different that buying a condo, it does not have to be significantly different.

How to Win Against All Cash Offers

How to Win Against All Cash Offers. As a buyer when you find that dream home after weeks or months of searching, you wonder how to win against all cash offers from the other buyers who also love your dream home. It can seem like an insurmountable problem – and maybe it is …. in some circumstances…. but not all.

Homeowner’s Insurance Deductible-Increased?

Should you increase your homeowner’s insurance deductible? If you own a house, you need homeowner’s insurance. You may be able to lower your premiums significantly and save money each month by raising your homeowner’s insurance deductible. But before you do so, weigh the pros and cons.

Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Looking for ways to improve your credit score? Pay your cards and bills on time! Don’t open new cards and don’t close old cards. Wait until after closing to make big purchases, or shift debt from one card to another. if you are applying for a mortgage to purchase a new home, you want to improve your credit score – and at a minimum avoid hurting your credit – so that you can get the best rate possible.

Home Warranty Explained

soaking tub home warranty

A home warranty is different than homeowners’ insurance. Is a home warranty something you should buy? Your lender insists that you have to buy homeowners’ insurance but do you need a home warranty?

What Trended Data Means for You?

Trended data. a credit scoring model used by Experian, benefits homebuyers who have a better credit history over a longer stretch of time than a shorter one.