Choosing your new paint colors is one of the fun parts of moving to a new home in Washington DC. Let this DC relocation specialist help! You want to get the painter in right after closing so you can move in asap – but you probably have limited access to your new home now that the home inspection has been completed. Most contracts to purchase only allow you in twice – once for the home inspection and once for the pre-settlement walk-through. Here are some websites which can assist (at least a little) in choosing your new paint colors before you go to closing.

Websites and more for Choosing Your New Paint Colors

As you start to imagine moving into your new home in Washington DC, are you thinking of what colors you areChoosing Your New Paint Colors going to choose to paint the rooms in your new home?   Check out the Sherwin Williams  website and the Benjamin Moore site.  As a relocation specialist, I love these sites that let you upload photos and then change the paint colors to see which you want to use when you paint your new home.  Another site to check out is the Behr site which also lets you visual paint colors in your new home.

If you just aren’t sure which way to go, you might start with the Sherwin Williams Paint Color Personality Quiz.  This quiz is ideal for those looking to gain insight into their unique style preferences and how they can use their unique likes and dislikes to create rooms that express their individualism. By taking the quiz, users can discover the colors that speak to their personality and learn about other elements such as pattern, texture, furniture shape, and more. The quiz consists of about 10-12 different questions designed to help users understand the types of colors that best reflect their character. Based on these answers, the quiz then reveals a personalized color palette that reflects the user’s taste and preference.
When I took the quiz, it told me that my wandering spirit can’t be contained, but it can be reflected in my personal space. I’m unique, daring and always excited by new possibilities. I won’t apologize for your individuality.  Then it gave me my color ID!  The quiz was brief and visual – no real thinking involved! Definitely fun.

If You need Help Choosing Your New Paint Colors!

Choosing Your New Paint ColorsOf course, your home will look completely different from the way it looks now once you move your own furniture in and create your identity there – but it is still fun to play around with these sites while you are waiting for the big closing day!  There are so many choices you can imagine – from paint colors to new flooring to bathroom and kitchen remodels!
If you need recommendations for any contractors, like painters or flooring companies, please let me know! I love helping you find reasonably priced and professional trades people who will give you all the attention you deserve.
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