How sellers file in the commission settlement is a big question now. Here is a short explanation and a link to the website.

Link to the Website

The Settlements resolve claims against Anywhere Real Estate, Inc. f/k/a Realogy Holdings Corp. (“Anywhere”), RE/MAX LLC (“RE/MAX”), and Keller Williams Realty, Inc. (“Keller Williams”) in a lawsuit that alleges the existence of an anticompetitive agreement that resulted in home sellers paying inflated commissions to real estate brokers or agents in violation of antitrust law.

To be eligible to receive the benefits of the Settlements, you must have: (1) sold a home during the Eligible Date Range (see the Long Form Notices); (2) listed the home that was sold on a multiple listing service (“MLS”) anywhere in the United States; and (3) paid a commission to any real estate brokerage in connection with the sale of the home.

For sellers in the Bright MLS area, the critical dates are March 6, 2015 through February 1, 2024.  To see other time frames, please click here.

Your Claim Form must be submitted by 05/09/2025. Any claims postmarked or electronically submitted after 05/09/2025 will be ineligible for a payment.

Where Should Sellers File in the Commission Settlement?

The link to the website is easy to find for sellers to file in the commission settlement that has resulted from the Burnett et al lawsuit.  Just go to and start your paperwork.  If you have sold more than one home during the time period covered you will need to file multiple applications.

You also will need the settlement statement which you received at closing.

How Will the Funds Be Distributed

The Plaintiffs will propose a plan of allocation of the proceeds of the settlements to the Court prior to any distribution of settlement funds to claimants. That proposal will be posted to this website and emailed to all individuals who submit a claim with an opportunity to object to the plan of allocation.  The plan will be subject to the approval of the Court.  It is anticipated that the plan will take into account the amount of commissions class member claimants paid to a real estate broker or agent during the relevant statute of limitations periods for the MLS in which the sale was made. To the extent the value of total claims exceeds the amount available for distribution from the settlement funds, each class member’s share of the settlement may be reduced on a pro rata basis.

It is important to remember that even though you may have signed a listing agreement which acknowledged the amount that you were authorizing your listing agent to pay to the buyer agent, you are not barred from filing under this settlement.  Even if you were happy with the outcome of your sale and with your Realtor, you can still file for a portion of the settlement.  The brokerages involved and the National Association of Realtors have agreed to pay this money to the court for the settlement.  This money is not coming from your Realtor.  Your participation in this settlement does not reflect on your Realtor.

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