Lise Howe recently handled the sale of my townhouse in Germantown, MD. I had known Lise for years as she has been a highly-regarded realtor and she is very friendly and engaging. But I hadn’t needed a realtor until it was time to sell the townhouse. Boy am I glad that I reached out to Lise to manage this sale! Lise was so professional, so knowledgeable, and totally committed– even though the townhouse was on the lower end of the cost range for this region and also was going to be sold “as is” without the types of upgrades some might do to make a property more marketable.

Lise quickly and accurately assessed what would be needed to sell the property, put together accurate and effective marketing materials, set up and held open houses, and promoted the property. Lise knows real estate. She knows real estate finance. She is respectful of other realtors and potential buyers. She is patient, smart, and gracious with her time, her deep knowledge and her ideas. She also has a terrific support team in the Lise Howe Group. All these skills and attributes came into play in her successful engagement to sell the townhouse to the right buyer.

Lise’s expertise shines through. But what impressed me most is that she respected the property and my wish to proceed with an “as is” sale. She listened to me. She answered my questions. She cared. Lise is an excellent realtor, an excellent person. I highly recommend her, whether you are selling or buying a house – Lise is truly the best.

-Kristine, home seller

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