Things to Do in Bethesda MD

Bethesda, Maryland doesn’t suffer from boredom. In fact, no matter your age, interest, or financial status, there’s something to do throughout every season of the year. Many of Bethesda’s recreational options revolve around art, culture, history, and education. There are a wide variety of restaurants where you can enjoy casual or fine dining, inside or … Continued

Things to Consider When Pricing Your Home to Sell

Pricing your house can be gut-wrenching. How do you know how much your house is worth? You want to get the most profit possible, and you dread the idea of losing money. Although no one can tell you matter-of-factly what you should charge for your house, there are some tips and tricks to consider when … Continued

6 Steps to Selling a Home

Selling your house takes a lot more effort than ringing up a random agent and sticking a sign in your yard. Your reason for selling and your timeline may both influence your process. Nonetheless, there are six steps to selling your house that can help prepare you for the sale of your home. 1 The … Continued

Closing Costs When Buying a Home

When you’re setting out on the exciting endeavor of buying your first house, you’ll hear the term “closing costs” as you begin negotiating offers. Closing costs is a blanket term covering all of the professional services and expenses of completing the real estate transaction. The reason this is important to you, the buyer, is that … Continued

6 Steps to Buying a Home

You can imagine yourself touring potential houses, decorating your new space, and getting to know the neighbors. These are all exciting parts of becoming a new homeowner. But you’re not quite ready to one-two-skip-a-few over the realities of the home buying process. Before you send out the housewarming party invites, here are six steps to … Continued